Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lace weaver Spider

Lace Weaver Spider (Amaurobius similis)

Some real stuff this time. Over the weekend a Lace Weaver spider was in our sitting room. A common species around our houses apparently but I cannot remember seeing one before but I have probably not been paying enough attention. According to references this one is a male. On Sunday I had a look around the Alders at the old tip at Widdrington to see if there were any Redpolls but the only passerine present here was a single Bullfinch. A Buzzard and a Snipe the only other birds seen. On Widdrington Moor lake was a nice selection of wildfowl but nothing out of the ordinary. I went up to Warkworth to see if the Redpolls were around and getting out of the car I saw John and Stew and almost immediately the flock flew into the car park bushes giving good views of Lesser (20ish), Mealy (3) and the Arctic. Not the best of light and the birds were preferring the centre of the bushes but very nice to see. Good to catch up with a few birders I haven't seen for a while.  

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Scandinavian Jackdaw

A pictureless post as I had no camera with me today. I was visiting my auntie at Amble and on her feeders in her back yard was a group of Jackdaws but one of them was a good candidate or an even better example of a nice Nordic Jackdaw with its fine headwear of pale grey face and nape and a distinct white collar standing out among the other Jacks. My son tried to take some pics on his phone but was unable to get close. On leaving late afternoon it was on the roof of the Wellwood Arms. I'll have a look tomorrow with my camera to see if it is still around. There has been a recent lack of blog activity but I have still been out every weekend but just the usual birds around. There have been 2 drake Goosanders on the river at Morpeth and 2 Kingfishers; one seen frequently at East Mill feeding well despite the fluctuating levels of the river recently. I have also seen a few Woodcocks recently in places such as West Chevington, Druridge Bay CP and 2 flying over the rooftops at Spelvit lane. I have caught up with a few wintering birds in Druridge bay but I prefer to go off piste looking around the usual backwaters I visit regularly. There is plenty to look for.