Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mid November

Lawyers wig...Common but very photogenic

Two views of the Borough woods...fungi country!

Clouded Funnel

Tar spot fungus on Sycamore

These Beech Milkcaps have seen better days

Laccaria laccata

The way the winds are at the moment it is quiet for birds. I have been around the local ponds but seen little of note. However, the rain has been excellent for fungi and has given me another challenge to try and identify the hundreds that are around the woods here at the moment.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

East Chevington and Mitford

The Wansbeck at Mitford

On Wednesday I called in at Widdrington tip on my way to East Chevington. Only 4 Common Snipe today and 1 Woodcock in the Alders. 2 Stoats were chasing and jumping on each other along the track and 3 Roe Deer were in the plantation opposite. Still plenty of Chaffinches and Skylarks around, a single Buzzard, 22 Linnets and my first species on the new pond...Moorhen.

At East Chevington there were hundreds of Great black backed gulls but little else of note except a Water rail and Kingfisher at the mouth. Bennyboy flushed a Woodcock out of the dunes.

I was at Mitford castle on Thursday, I flushed 2 Woodcock out of the woods here when looking for fungi and there was a Dipper on the river here. Quiet otherwise on the bird front but I will post some of my fungi pics when I get some time.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Jacks are back

Stonechat at Widdrington tip

Yellow Fieldcap

Yellow brain on Gorse

Two phases of Blackening Waxcap

Caterpillar sp Hadston links...not a sharp shot

Good start to the day with a lovely Green woodpecker feeding on the grass at the top of Abbey meadows on a tri-angle of grass at the T junction. It flew and landed at the base of a tree. I enjoyed the views for a few minutes rather than run around trying to get a pic of it. It was looking bright and smart in the morning sunshine.
I then went to Widdrington tip where the rains have flooded almost the whole of the wooded and clearing areas and walking through I flushed 33 Common snipe and 4 jack snipe. I tried hard to photo a Jack but they kept flying only a few yards and I was almost standing on them before they flushed a short distance again but I couldn't pin point exactly where they were landing. Other birds of note here were 40+ Skylark, 14 Reed buntings, Stonechat, 2 Buzzards and a small Linnet flock.
I finished the day at Hadston and Hauxley links. Not a lot of birds today but some fine fungi in the dunes and I have posted a few.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Greys 4 Reds 1

One of the 6 Jays...almost impossible to photograph

Surprised to find these Shaggy inkcaps growing in deep woodland

Pine loving Tricholoma terreum

Common Puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum

A young Crespidotus variabilis

I forget the name of this but I have it written down somewhere.

A walk through the Borough woods today produced no fewer than 4 Grey Squirrels. The fate of the Reds is doomed as the only one I have seen recently was a road casualty at the top of Abbey meadows. Plenty of woodland birds with 6 Jays, 3 Marsh tits and 4 Bullfinches. Plenty of Coal tits and still a few Goldcrests in the pines near the A1. Recent rains has not only swollen the river Wansbeck but produced loads of fungi, some of which are a bit of a headache to identify.