Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Greys 4 Reds 1

One of the 6 Jays...almost impossible to photograph

Surprised to find these Shaggy inkcaps growing in deep woodland

Pine loving Tricholoma terreum

Common Puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum

A young Crespidotus variabilis

I forget the name of this but I have it written down somewhere.

A walk through the Borough woods today produced no fewer than 4 Grey Squirrels. The fate of the Reds is doomed as the only one I have seen recently was a road casualty at the top of Abbey meadows. Plenty of woodland birds with 6 Jays, 3 Marsh tits and 4 Bullfinches. Plenty of Coal tits and still a few Goldcrests in the pines near the A1. Recent rains has not only swollen the river Wansbeck but produced loads of fungi, some of which are a bit of a headache to identify.


Stewart said...

I've still never seen a Grey in Northumberland. I'm pleased with the few Reds we have up here but it looks like they might be the next Corn Bunting...

Dean said...

Great post, Nigel.
What..... you stumped by fungi ;-)

Kingsdowner said...

Bad news about the squirrels (and in my view Stewart hasn't got any red ones, but that's another story).

Good shots of the fungi....Tricholoma terreum has spread across my lawn this year....or it might be a similar poisonous species, so I guess I'll not eat them.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comments...I think the Reds will disappear soon. I have seen a Grey at Mitford recently so the ones at Wallington and Bolam will be the next ones to go. More fungi to come I'm afraid dean and K!

Ipin said...

Puffball - nice fried and shaggy inkcaps maake a good soup - food for free! This weekend we will be mostly making crab apple and chilli jelly