Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mid November

Lawyers wig...Common but very photogenic

Two views of the Borough woods...fungi country!

Clouded Funnel

Tar spot fungus on Sycamore

These Beech Milkcaps have seen better days

Laccaria laccata

The way the winds are at the moment it is quiet for birds. I have been around the local ponds but seen little of note. However, the rain has been excellent for fungi and has given me another challenge to try and identify the hundreds that are around the woods here at the moment.


Stewart said...

That Clouded Funnel is a nice'un, you must have a canny list now...

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Nigel. Keep at it, mate.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks. The list is growing or should I say mushrooming! no...but so is the list of the off filed ones that are yet to be identified. I'll keep at it Dean as there is a huge amount around at the moment.

Anonymous said...


j'ai réalisé quelques photos d'animaux et de champignons en France qui sont proches des vôtres.
Bien à vous.


I made some pictures of animals and fungi in France who are close to yours.

ST said...

hi Nigel,
great woodland shots.

oh the french link is a real one
he has some nice pics on there