Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 11 May 2008


News of a Lesser Yellowlegs first at Druridge then at Hauxley came too late in the day yesterday. As today was another working day I decided to drive straight to Hauxley at first light this morning. A Barn owl was hunting over farmland at Chibburn on the way up. As expected no sign of the Yellowlegs; the water levels are so high there is no way it would be able to feed anywhere. The only birds of note were a Long tailed duck, two Little gulls and two Wheatears. Then the fog came in. I decided it was time to make my way south to East chevington. Nothing on the bird front initially though there were two singing Reed warblers on the North pool and nothing new in the way of plants in the dunes apart from carpets of Cowslips. It will be a couple of weeks before the Orchids begin to appear. On my way back to the car a Hobby flew south over the dunes. Although you hear of frequent records you just don't see enough of them around here. I finished the morning at Druridge pools. The Lesser Yellowlegs was feeding in front of the demolished hide together with a fine summer plumaged Spotted redshank. I took some record digiscope shots but I will keep them off post for now as I am sure some excellent pictures will appear on someones blog soon. Nice morning but time for work!


Blyth Birder said...

Hauxley's a disappointment isn't it?

Now if we could only freeze Druridge the way it is now it'd be great for waders.

Sadly it'll only be a matter of weeks before its bone dry.

abbey meadows said...

I expect to see Dotterel on them thar hills or islands at Hauxley one of these days. You can't knock Hauxley for plants though.

Seaside Observers said...

Was beginning to wonder if we would ever manage to get somewhere when the bird alert goes and actually see something....yeah yellowlegs at