Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Monsoon time

Adult Goldcrest...Abbey woods

Swollen Wansbeck upstream from Oldgate

River bursts its banks at Oldgate

Some kind of Hoof fungus or ganoderma on Beech...Scotch Gill

Giant Bellflower...Scotch Gill

Hard fern...Scotch Gill

Lady fern...Mitford castle

It is becomming an annual event these days, heavy rain all day swells the river Wansbeck and easily spills over onto the surrounding paths and some streets but nowhere near as bad as last September. River still swollen this morning and took some pictures of plants and ferns. The top pic of a Goldcrest; this bird was feeding fledged young and it makes you wonder how this family survived yesterdays deluge.


Ipin said...

is taht 'artisit's fungus' ganoderma applantum? If you get a sharp stick, you can draw pictures or leave someone a message a on the underside!

abbey meadows said...

I've looked that one up Ian, you are right.