Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 21 August 2009

Big Beastie

Giant polypore...Cottingwood

A well eaten Charcoal burner...Atheys dene

These Oyster mushrooms are past their best

A couple of cropped shots of the Semi...Cresswell pond

Insects attracted to the kitchen window

The beast of the fungi world has to be Giant polypore. A magnificent specimen is growing at the foot of a Beech tree in Cottingwood. One or two things need identifying here such as the moth and the hoverfly which was crawling up my kitchen window. I saw the Badger on Curlew kews bank on Wednesday night again and a Fox there last night.

Yesterday evening I went down to Cresswell pond to see the Semi palmated sandpiper. A new bird for me and some good views from the hide in the evening sunshine. I only managed a few cropped shots as my scope bracket is broken so I have to hold it one hand and the camera in the other. Many thanks to Stewart and Andy for the info.


Citybirding said...

Cracking shots of the Giant polypore. There are a couple currently on the green at the South end of Gosforth High Street, next to Carphone Wharehouse.

Stewart said...

Nigel I think the Moth is a Grey Chi.

Anonymous said...

Nigel, i reckon Stewart`s right with Grey Chi, and the Hover looks like Episyrphus balteatus, aka the Marmalade Fly.

Giant Polypores live up to their name alright. Massive things aren`t they.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks all for the comments. I used to be up on my moths a few years ago but I just couldn't put a name to that one. I have been on the link you have for Tom Stew...very impressive. Dean Hoverflies have never been my strong point so thanks for the id.

foggy said...

it apears every one has gone moth & mushroom mad these days manged to add semi p to my list today i thought it had buggered off yesterday.
ive seen loads off moths recently
at work and at home i cant tell one from the other unfortunatly.

Gary Hawes said...

Hi Nigel,
love the polypore , and other fungi , got some good ones myself to show you , drop me a email