Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Prestigious award

I must apologise to Dean as he nominated this blog a few weeks ago for this award. I needed a few weeks to try to think of 7 things about myself. Here we go...

1 I was born in Alnwick, Northumberland a long time ago.

2 The middle of 5 siblings I had a normal and happy upbringing.

3 I met Stew (Boulmer birder) when I was 13 and this was the beginning of a lifetime interest in all things natural. Though not a master of any of them I'm happy to be an amateur naturalist.

4 Left school at 16 and offered 4 jobs straight away; a moulder at a local brickworks, working in a pop factory, a petrol pump attendant and a tea boy at an opencast site, I took the latter. I went back into education 11 years ago as I had to so I could do my nurse training, I enjoy my job as a nurse but the shiftwork is often inconvenient.

5 At 18 I was proud to be a full affiliated member of Widdrington station working mens club until its demise 20 years later. See Star turn on 45 pints on you tube to see what you've been missing.

6 I rarely watch TV but I love watching music videos on you tube. My favourite at the moment is Delilah by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band on OGWT.

7 I lived through the prog rock and punk era but I have always been a bit of a folkie but didn't don the sandals and facial hair. As its mid life crisis time a trip to Cornwall has rekindled my interest in the VW campervan so who knows.

The difficult part is choosing some of the links on the right. I think most of them have already been nominated this award so any over there that hasn't. I hope I'm allowed to do that.

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Anonymous said...

No apologies needed, Nigel.
Don`t worry about not nominating 7 other people. It`s not very often i do as i`m told. That`s the punk way.