Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 20 August 2010


Silver Y on Knapweed

Bolete sp


Russula sp carpeting the woodland floor

Saffron milkcap

Yeaterday I spent the afternoon around the woods at Stobswood. A nice sunny day it was good for insects but I need to get clued up on Hoverflies and Bees. There were dozens of them on the Knapweeds. A good day for Butterflies and fungi. The best part was the old pit heap which is a pleasant pine wood with a network of paths and some sunny clearings that were awash with flowers. There were at least 30 Wall browns, several Commas and the now ubiquitous Speckled woods as well as dozens of the common species on the wing at this time of year. There were several thousand Russula fungi scattered all over the woodland floor and hundreds or perhaps thousands of Saffron milkcaps. Some of the Russula species remain unnamed but some were easy to identify like Pimrose brittlegill and the Sickener. I also saw Yellow brain and Pinewood or Blushing wood mushroom.


Wilma said...

Is the "sickener" the red Russula? It looks very much like one I've seen in the eastern US with species name of emetica. I haven't heard it called the sickener locally, but the species name is apt!

abbey meadows said...

emetica it is Wilma. It is very common in our pinewoods here and it is known in Britain as the Sickener. It is a poisonous species with a hot peppery the books say.

Anonymous said...

Hello nice image of the Silver Y.
my wife and I spotted one or two actually,on Holy Island,wernt sure what it was but thought it was "Y"