Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 31 December 2010

Back at the tip

NE corner lagoons..still frozen at the moment

Mobile Finch flock...perhaps there's an Arctic in there!

The only shots I managed

Poorly looking Kestrel

This morning was my first opportunity to visit Widdrington tip since the snowfall. I was down at first light but no 'hoped for' Owl activity but by the time it was light there were plenty of birds about. The best of them were Fieldfare (18), Grey Partridge (6), Woodcock (1) and a flock of over a hundred Finches comprising Siskin, Goldfinch, Lesser Redpoll and at least 8 Mealy Redpoll. A female Kestrel looked unwell sitting in a tree and allowed me to walk straight past it. Three Hares also present.
No ambitious plans for the new year but I'm going to bash the local patch where I grew up for all kinds of wildlife during the year as well as keeping an eye on all things local. I'm sure regular visits could turn up Water Rail and Green Sandpiper at the tip...ambitious eh! Happy new year.


Stewart said...

All the best Nigel, looking foward to seeing what you turn up at the tip...its a while since Hoodies were regular...

Johnnykinson said...

Sad image that Kestrel. Lets hope it improves with the weather. I have been enjoying your blog for some time now but look forward to closer scrutiny near widdrington tip.
All the best for the new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Nigel and i hope it`s full of wonderful wildlife sightings for you.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks all and a happy new year to you all. I always look at all the Crows Stew but you never know. Happy birhtday Stew.

Kingsdowner said...

Good choice to keep bashing the local patch - it sounds like it's a good place.
Regarding a possible visit from a Green Sand, I was surprised to see one land by a small stream by the carpark at work today - the second I've seen this yaer.
Hope you have a great 2011, and I look forward to your blogs.