Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Springtime woodland flowers

Mauve Primrose...Widdrington tip

Narrow leaved Lungwort...Woodburn, Stobswood

Wood Anemone...Woodburn, Stobswood

Highland beasties at East Chevington

Had a couple of days off. Yesterday I walked from Hauxley to East Chevington. Quiet but a nice walk on a sunny day. Today I was at Widdrington tip and Stobswood where I heard two Chiffchaffs. Lots of woodland birds singing but a few flowers to look at as well as a few Small tortoiseshell butterflies. I first came across Narrow leaved Lungwort (Pulmonaria angustifolia) in 1982 in Stobswood, a garden escape but a nice colourful plant. It still survives on the edge of Woodburn. The mauve Primroses were growing at the Western edge of Widdrington tip and the Anemone in Woodburn at Stobswood.


Anonymous said...

The roles are reversed now, Nigel. Not even a sign of Wood Anenome down here.

abbey meadows said...

I've only seen it in this one wood up to now Dean.