Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 11 April 2011

Widdrington and Cresswell

No pics from cresswell but Cowslips from Widdrington tip and Slime mould (Reticulata lycoperdon) at Stobswood.

A visit to the tip and the transformation from a bleak and stark landscape is taking place as the Willows and Hawthorns are awash with fresh green making the tip looking like a dense woodland in places. Willow warbler numbers here were almost uncountable with bird song sounding like it was coming from almost every tree, a lot must have come in over the weekend. I was looking for plants but nothing out of the ordinary here other than a nice display of Cowslips at the Western edge. I was doing a 1km square for the BSBI at Cresswell South of the pond. Afterwards I had a look on the pond and was chatting to some birders who were looking for a Great grey Shrike which had been seen earlier. It wasn't showing and the disappointment and despondency was evident on their faces yet there were 2 beautiful and graceful Avocets, probably rarer in the county than shrikes, 3 lovely Yellow Wagtails, 2 White Wagatails and a Wheatear as well as dozens of Hirundines. I went home happy.

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