Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 12 September 2011

Taking a chance

This moth decided to spend the day on my bird table. Quite risky considering the number of birds that are in the garden but somehow they never saw it or were put off by the markings. I think it is a silver Y but it looks a bit dark. I'm not used to seeing these resting. It was very Autumnal at the tip on Friday with very few flowering plants left. 16 Redpolls were flying around and a lone Tree Pipit flew South high overhead. The Green Woodpecker is still around favouring the footpaths of Vanburgh Gardens and West Park. Last night on my way home from work a Badger was walking around the car park of the Wansbeck pub before walking across the road and into the gardens of the houses opposite along Abbey Meadows.


Tim Sexton said...

You're spot on with Silver Y.

abbey meadows said...

Cheers Tim. Its a wonder it wasn't eaten!