Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A new bird for Stobswood

I was looking for Fungi in Grangewood when a large flock of Geese flew over

They settled on the former opencast land opposite Norwood farm

I cannot keep away from the old haunts and checking out the newly created ponds on former opencast land in the Stobswood area. On Friday I viewed the Geese from East Stobswood and began counting. There were 770 Pink footed Geese, 7 White fronted Geese and 2 Bean Geese (possibly 4). This is not the first time I have seen White fronted Geese over here, I once had a flock of 6 birds West over Felton Lane in the mid nineties but I was delighted to see the Bean Geese as I have never seen these in this area. Onwards to Woodside lake near Maidens hall and the 300+ flock were still here. IF was here and after a shivering 20 minutes I manged to see 6 Bean Geese among them and one of the White fronts was a Greenland. There was a fine Peregrine which never moved from a grassy clump behind Maidens Hall farm. 2 Whooper Swans were on the lake. Good selection of other species of Geese here.

Back at Abbey Meadows and the early frosts always bring out Velvet Shanks, This shot was taken after a heavy shower. 

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