Friday, 30 November 2012

Below zero

A freezing day today with temperatures staying below zero all day. I went to Stobswood this morning and with all the rain earlier in the week frozen over it was easy to walk around the old brickworks and woodland. Everything looked lovely in the bright cold sunshine. The above shots are iced up Teasel heads and some of the thousands of seeding heads of Blue Fleabane. The birding highlights was a Marsh Tit in Willows at the brickworks; the first for a few years here and possibly becoming common again while the Willow Tit which I haven't recorded here for a few years is on the decline. Woodburn was alive with noisy Jays and Nuthatches.
Back in Morpeth there is a drake Goosander on the river near Oldgate, a Woodcock flew low over the road at Cottingwood on my way to work on Tuesday morning and Tawny Owls are vocal again.

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