Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I like to go to areas where few people go and it can be quite rewarding at times as you never know what you may encounter. Coming across a Hoopoe on farmland West of Morpeth is now a memory. The above pics are Norwood pool near Widdrington Station. This former area of damp farmland is has been a pond for over 20 years and the woodland around it is well established and some good wetland plants have established themselves here. No rare birds on this visit but Canada Goose, Mute Swan, Coot and Little Grebe have made it their home. Frogs and Newts are in the permanent wet areas and a nice Fox was sitting up in the marshland and a Hare was also resting nearby both appeared unaware that they were so close to each other. I have no doubt the woodland here which stretches over Tute Hill down to the River Lyne at Ulgham will hold breeding Long Eared Owl and Woodcock. The woods were alive with Blackcap song but despite the damp scrubby areas there is still no evidence of Willow Tit which was once so common around here.


James Common said...

I've had a Long-Eared Owl in the vicinity of that pond in recent weeks and had quite a few Woodcock nearby in recent times. Nice to see someone else visits the site! :)

Stewart said...

I released my fish in there! Goldfish and Golden Orfe. I wonder if they ( or their progeny) are still around?

abbey meadows said...

Its a good area for these types of birds James. Worth a regular visit. I remember you releasing the fish Stewart. There are some aquatic plants there that have probably originated from the same source.

Lee said...

I recently moved to Widdrington and I've been looking for a footpath that heads over towards this area, but I can't find it! All the maps say the footpath starts on the junction of the B1337 and Grange Road, but I simply cannot find it. Any tips as to how you get there?