Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 9 November 2015

Monk's Ridge

Pale Persicaria (Persicaria lapathifolia) 

Golden Waxcap (Hygrocybe chlorophana)

Trooping Funnel (Clitocybe geotropa)

Monk's Ridge is a grassed area like many other grassed areas on housing estates in Morpeth which the council cuts within a millimetre of its life which is no good for the flora but very good for Hygrocybe fungi. There are many species but Golden Waxcap is by far the most numerous. Pale Persicaria has a bit of a scattered distribution in the county according to BBSI maps but I have not seen any around the Stobswood area despite the frequency of disturbance of topsoil from opencast mining in the area. It is very numerous in Morpeth with many plants popping up where the flood defence work has been taking place and it also grows in my vegetable patch. The Trooping Funnel picture was taken at St Mary's churchyard. Looking at the pics I need to where my glasses more often as I'm sure they were a bit sharper when I took them!


Stewart said...

Hi Nigel, nice fungi. I would like to see if I could find Parrot or Ballerina Waxcaps anywhere in the north of the county...Shepherds Law seems a good bet.

abbey meadows said...

Before reading the bit on Alnwick wildlife blog I didn't know of any sites in the North East. Phillips regards them as Common in the British Isles but I wonder which parts?