Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Short walk

Jelly Rot (Phlebia tremellosa)

Druridge Bay

Residents of East Chevington

You don't always have to travel far to see new species. My list of all things wild is growing (if I kept one) and some of these have been from my own garden. A short walk across the road there is a grassed area with a mixture of young and mature trees and on the stump of an old felled Horse Chestnut I came across Jelly Rot fungus. It's Latin name is more impressive than its common name and close up it looks very abstract. According to my books Jelly Rot is widespread and common but this is the first time I have seen it though I have probably overlooked it. I always question widespread and common because most things fluctuate and fungi is reliant on environment and conditions so I suppose it is widespread and common in  the right conditions and habitat. Fungi, insects and wild flowers don't get the observer coverage compared to birds so most people interested in these things pretty much have to find them for themselves. Despite lack of blog activity I have still been getting out regularly and I have been frequenting East Chevington and Amble area. The pics are from a couple of weeks ago and the Stonechats were the closest I could get for a half decent shot but the wintering Marsh Harrier was gracing the reeds behind the South pool but was nice just to watch rather than try and get some blurred distant image with the camera I have got....Maybe I should start making that wildlife life list on these long dark evenings!    


Andrew Hodson said...

Judging by the impressive range of species that you show on your excellent blog, you would need a lot of long winter nights to come anywhere near drawing up a comprehensive species list.

You're probably like a chap I knew many years ago. I remember visiting Beeston Common near Sheringham; George had filled two pages of his notebook before we had gone 50 metres.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Andrew. I do use the notebook a lot and I'm probably using it more now than I used to. I should put a few pages from the notebook on more regular than I do. I think I will try and do that list and see how I get on!

Stewart said...

Hi Nige, yes go on get the list going. I just fill a spreadsheet in, but not regularly, just when I think on, so no doubt I have loads missed!

abbey meadows said...

I've started something now Stew...It'll take me a while.

Stewart said...

Good stuff, keep us updated with its progress....