Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Harwood Forest

Snowy views around Harwood

New Owl nest boxes 

Cheviot Hills from Steng Moss

Yesterday spent most of the day walking through Harwood forest on a usual circuit of about 11 miles from the village to Tutehill moss, Hemmel hill, Chartners, Fallowlees farm and back to the village via Redpath. No birds to see apart from 3 Buzzards and 2 Bullfinches but still filled a page in the notebook. I have noticed a few large nest boxes have been put up in the forest. Snow was the main feature with up to 6 inches along the sheltered tracks but sparser in exposed areas. There is something satisfying about walking on virgin snow with only a few deer and fox tracks crisscrossing the forest paths and roads. The snow petered out at Rothley and on the way back a Stoat in ermine ran across the road in front of the car at Rothley cross roads. Something just as hard to see these days as a white Stoat in winter time was a stubble field and a fine one at that at Longwitton. It had mainly Red legged Partridge and Pheasant in it but also a large mixed finch and bunting flock. I think I looked at every bird with the usual species in very good numbers but I  couldn't pick out any Bramblings but worth another look when passing. 


Johnnykinson said...

Was up there yesterday for a few hours also. That sound, almost like amalgam being squeezed into a filling, of the snow underfoot is something else. Managed a single Buzzard, 9 Crossbills flew quickly overhead at one point and a lovely Coal Tit scouring the conifers keep me company along one of the tracks for 10 minutes. And the sun shone ! Glorious.

abbey meadows said...

You managed a few more birds than me!