Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 8 April 2016

Summer Snowflake

Leucojum aestivum 

I came across this nice plant growing on the roadside at the edge of Widdrington between the station and Ulgham Grange. It looks well established here if it survives the vigorous roadside mowing. A nice addition to the growing plant list in the former coalfield area. No doubt a garden cast off but an attractive flowering plant all the same. Where it grows as a native in Britain it is known as the Loddon Lily. There are a couple of Northumberland records North of Wooler and South of Berwick according to the BSBI distribution maps so this may be a first for the vice county of 67. 
Back at Morpeth a Blackcap was singing in the Postern woods this morning and this evening I had my best views of Otter on the Wansbeck with 2 below Lowford. It was obviously him and her by the size difference having a good dive and swim in the deeper parts and climbing out of the river where they sat opposite facing the water on a sandy bank under some tree roots for a while before jumping back in the river again.


Stewart said...

Hi Nige, I found the snowflake here at Howick last wek too just outside the village in a field near us... first time I've seen it here.

abbey meadows said...

Probably a new record for that part of 68 as well I think. I've had problems with the computer with no internet for a week so just catching up with things now. John also commented but for some reason it hasn't published so still having a few computer issues.