Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Turkey Oak

There's an interesting article in the latest British Wildlife magazine about the spread of the Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris) in the British Isles (Vol 28, No 3, February 2017) by Ben Rose. Worth a read but this introduced tree was planted chiefly in  parks. It's timber has no particular commercial value but it has spread in various parts of the country particularly Southern England  but it is more sparsely distributed in Scotland and Ireland. In Northumberland it hardly has a mention in Swan's flora and on the BSBI website there are only a few records. I know this species from Morpeth as it grows only a few hundred yards from my house on the edge of High House woods. There are 2 mature trees pictured above and some smaller ones growing nearby. I will post some pictures later in the year as the leaves and acorns are very distinctive.

What a difference a week makes...last week with a biting Easterly and sleet and rain showers it was very cold and miserable brightened by some Waxwings on the street. Above are part of a flock of 26 but there was also more at Coopies Lane industrial estate with a flock of 37 (light very poor for photography). A cat frightened these birds off but they returned a little while later. This weekend was more spring-like with Celandines in flower and a large patch of Crow Garlic on the hillside at Morpeth castle (leaves only at the moment) but much milder and a more pleasant. 

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