Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 31 March 2008


31st March 2008

I thought I would have to wait until April this year to hear my first Chiffchaffs but two were singing this morning in the Borough woods. Still late though. Yesterday morning I just had time to take a couple of shots of the Goosanders that are in the town centre at the moment. There has been a drake at Oldgate bridge for a couple of days. It appears to have paired up with the female that bred successfully last year. I hadn't seen this individual since December. She has angelwing and is unable to fly but she has found herself a fine looking partner. There were three other Goosanders on the river; a female at Oliver's mill and two females upstream at the low ford bridge. I had to go to Amble last night and on the way back a Barn Owl was sitting in a pine at the entrance to East Chevington.


Boulmer Birder said...

I see you have the picture sizes sussed....good record of the Goosanders in the town centre .

Kingsdowner said...

Goosanders, eiders, you must live in a different country to us southerners.
Good taste in music incidentally, Rusby, Reader, Thompson - great!

abbey meadows said...

I still think the southerners have the upper hand especially when it comes to flowers and butterflies. It is less crowded up here but a lot cooler even in the summer. No grass snakes or Marbled whites up here. Later in the spring I will post some Orchid photos so it will be interesting to see orchid species that we don't see up here from other blogs.

Kingsdowner said...

Yes, please - I look forward to your orchid photos.