Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 12 April 2008

After the rain Saturday 12th April 2008

Woke up to yet another wet morning. It didn't stop me from getting out. I walked the kids through carlisle park and up to the castle. After dropping them off at the swimming pool I walked Bennyboy along the riverside. When I reached Matheson's gardens I noticed the Toothworts were out. Looking fine even in the rain. Not just a couple of plants but between 70 and 80 growing next to the wall where a long dead ancient Elm straddles the wall which is probably their host plant. I thought I would add a photo of the wansbeck in spate at Oldgate. Further downstream the pair of Goosanders were on the river. I haven't seen them for a couple of weeks. In the afternoon it finally stopped raining. A visit to my parents house at Widdrington was a good excuse to visit Druridge pools. Very cold here; no Garganey and I don't know what the Sand Martins were feeding on. Looking north from the hide overlooking the main pool I noticed the Hooded Crow in the field among the sheep. Took a couple of record shots but the bird was over quarter of a mile away. I have added a shot of Opposite leaved Golden Saxafrage inundaded in Athey's Dean. Not a bad day really.


Boulmer Birder said...

A good post Nigel, the only hoodie pics I've seen so far and those Toothworts look good. Where's Mathesons Gardens again? Is that the place between Oldgate Bridge and the Boats?

abbey meadows said...

Yes You just need to walk about 20 or 30 yards east from the oldgate bridge and they are under the bushes on your left hand side beneath the 3 tall White poplars.

Bigbruv said...

very interesting site Nigel
O.K. to take my nephew to lush grasslands of St.James park 23/4/08?K.O. 7.30.North,land senior cup final.