Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fruits of the rainy season

The best place around Morpeth for fungi that I know of is the Cottingwood area. I took these pictures on my way to work along the lane behind the high school and St. Georges hospital. There were hundreds of fungi of a variety of species under the trees. from the top is Boletus edulis, also known as penny bun and cep. Another boletus this time Boletus badius also known as Bay bolete. The next one looks like an emerging poisonous Panther cap but it is an edible species called Amanita spissa. The sickener, emerging Red cracked bolete and one of my favourite fungi around here the Blusher.


John Young said...

Hi Abbey, I don't know much about fungi, so great to see these shots and I love the names.

Ipin said...

Did you eat the cep - they are fantastic - i might go and look for some this weekend....