Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Yesterday on my way to work I saw a Grey squirrel at Cottingwood. I see Reds frequently that I don't take much notice but this is the second time I have seen a Grey in Morpeth. Are our native reds finally losing the battle? I took my camera to work this morning and as expected there was no sign of the creature. On my way home from work I couldn't resist taking some pics of the fungi around here. There are so many here and a good variety of species that in birding terms it could be regarded as a 'fall.' The commonest species are Field blewit and Sickener but I don't want to inundate the blog with fungi pics so I have just posted a couple of shots. The rain has taken its toll on the Parasol mushrooms (top), these were perfect the other day and the bottom is another abundant species; Saffron milk-cap which has the delightful latin name of Lactarius deliciosus.


Ipin said...

I've eaten saffron milk cap, they are Ok but a bit gooey

abbey meadows said...

In my book by Roger Phillips (Wild food) he describes that once bruised they ooze a milky substance but he has a recipe cooked with haricot beans which looks nice and in one of my books by Michael Jordan he regards them as a delight.