Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Harwood and Mitford

Not much to report on over the last week as I am on night shift for the next three. I have still been out but I haven't seen very much. I went to Harwood forest the other day. It is good to go there at any time but I never expect to see much at this time of year. With the kids still on holiday thay have to come with me and we walked six miles through the forest. Target species was Bog rosemary a tiny flower that grows in the mires but I couldn't find any. They flower right through September so I will go back before the end of the month. We walked along to Mitford this morning; plenty of common stuff like kingfisher and Dipper as well as good flocks of Chiffs and Crests and a Blackcap. Above are the wansbeck at Morpeth, The bairns by the river Font at Mitford, they love to catch things so Niall picked up a toad and Amber caught a Small skipper at Harwood and a lonely Harebell at Mitford castle, the stile that has been moved as the last time I was here I went a**e over t*ts as I demonstrated to the kids how to clear a stile properly; someone must have heard the bairns laughing, me, Amber and Bennyboy at Redpath.

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dont ask me how but i seem to have two blogs now the one you have linked and a new one with my new stuff on.plenty migrant about have you seen much