Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Catching up

First days off in between night shifts gave me the opportunity to catch up with some of the migrants I have missed at the weekend. I started at Hadston links where there were plenty of migrants still around. Lots of Willow warblers, spotted flycatchers and Redstarts and a few Whinchats but the highlight was a Wryneck. Good views but I couldn't get close enough to take a picture. Still a few plants and butterflies around. I finished off at Cresswell pond but couldn't find the Buff-breasted sandpiper but a good show of waders. Curlew sandpiper, Little stint, Ruff and many more. There were two Pectoral sandpipers which compensated for the lack of the Buff-breasted. The pics above are a record shot of the Pec at Cresswell and below three shots from Hadston of Bloody cranesbill, Grass of parnassus and the bush where there is a Wryneck sitting in it...honestly.

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me ann my camera said...

I am so missing on seeing waders and shore birds as I live inland, about an hour's drive from the ocean. Reading of your many sightings, which sound wonderful, gives me a desire to take a trip soon to our coastline shores but perhaps I should do that soon as fall migration is now underway.

Thank you for your comments on my post.