Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Linton Lane

Spent the afternoon at Linton pond. Romped around the north side of the nature reserve. This is an expansive area of open scrub and has the potential to hold some interesting species. The best I got today was a small flock of Goldfinches and a few partridges. The pool held a fine variety of wildfowl including the White fronted geese (2 adults and 3 immatures) as well as the Bean. Along the track was Fieldfares, redwings and a willow Tit. There was also 2 Jays. Hundreds of gulls on the pond but no white winged ones but of note were 3 Lesser black backed gulls. Five Snipe flew around the SW corner of the pond. I was joined in the hide by Trevor Blake and ST.

Above a view of the scrub, some cropped shots of Bean, White fronted geese, Pink footed geese and a preening Goldeneye.


me ann my camera said...

That is a lovely Goldeneye photo; I love taking pictures of them. All nice captures. And I note your mention of a Fieldfare. A few years ago it was a very exciting few days in the fall when one showed up here, on my side of the ocean. It hung around with a group of American Robins asn was a rare sighting for those who got to see it!

Mary said...

Lovey photos! So intersting to see the white fronts in the actual water, since the ones I have been seeing seem to like a flooded corn field. Love that last duck.