Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Winter warmers

I have been neglecting the blog lately due to work and training commitments. I have still been out around the meadows with plenty of Thrushes and Jays around. A Merlin flew over the garden, over ADMc'c house towards St. Mary's church. Kingfisher and Dippers have been almost daily sightings at Highford bridge. This morning I went to Ashington to see the Waxwings, the light was poor and the birds wouldn't keep still but they were a delight to see. On the way home I visited the local ponds and although the water levels are high there was a good selection of common wildfowl. At Linton a Kingfisher was flying around the east pond and two Jays were feeding along the old railway line. Above two of my favourite wintering birds Waxwing at Ashington and Wigeon at linton pond.

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me ann my camera said...

Lovely photos and I am surprised to see a Waxwing and Wigeon for we have them both here in Canada also. Hopefully some day soon some Waxwings will appear and feed a while on our Cranberry tree.