Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Around the patch

This week I have been to Angerton lake to the west of Morpeth and Linton and Bothal to the east. At Angerton a good variety of wildfowl were on show. Eight Goldeneye with males displaying, Wigeon and Teal and nine Little grebes. Further back at Longwitton (Beech avenue), 300 Chaffinch, 400+ Fieldfares and 100 Redwings. Also here a huge flock of Starlings numbering in excess of 800 and over a thousand Wood pigeons. Three Buzzards chased each other over oldpark wood. There was also a flock of 240 Redwings on the A1 on the Mitford side beside castle plantation.

At Linton yesterday the weather was cold and wet and I couldn't get a decent picture, hence the above cropped Teal. Very quiet on the Gull front. The most numerous and most vocal were Teal with 167 on both pools. Three Shoveler were also noteworthy. Also numerous were Mallard 142 and Coot 73.

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Alan T said...

You through me for a moment with 'Angerton Lake' I've always referred to it as 'Hartburn Reservoir'. It is tagged on Google Maps as Angerton Lake though.