Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Carlisle park

I took a few pics on a walk through Carlisle park this afternoon. Two Goosanders in the town centre one of which has angel wing and is unable to fly but does breed, but no sign of any males on this part of the river yet. The fungi are Turkey tail which is common but comes in a variety of colours and Velvet shank; a true winter species which needs frost to help it thrive.
Earlier in the day I had a quick look at the ponds but saw nothing of note but Bothal had most of the wildfowl with large numbers of Teal and Wigeon.


Rare Visitor said...

I tried Bothal today but there was a fisherman out PM so lots of wildfowl had moved off.

abbey meadows said...

Yesterday the diving ducks..Pochard and Tufted appeared to be on linton and there was a lot of Teal there too.

Jared said...

Cute ducks.