Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mitford castle

The ruins of Mitford castle on a grey March morning
A Buzzard soaring over the castle (yes it is)!

Beech Woodwart in Borough woods

Old footbridge over the 'moat'

The Wansbeck at Mitford castle before it is joined by the river Font

Dipper on the above stretch

Displaying Goosander at Oldgate bridge, Morpeth

Plenty of birds around locally this morning. Walked along to Mitford through Borough woods. Dipper and Kingfisher at Highford bridge and a nice party of Siskins in a huge Alder on opposite bank. These are probably my favourite small birds. The males look majestic at this time of year and they are constantly on the go, the calls are evocative and I like to hear the buzzing as they chase each other. Lots of birds singing in the woods and Nuthatches were very vocal.
At Mitford 2 Dippers and 2 Grey wagtails just below the bridge next to the castle. In the grounds of the castle my first Marsh tit this year and Green woodpecker calling from a tall Ash tree on the far side. Sadly only a glimpse in flight but by the time I rached the church, it or another one was calling from behind the church. Also 3 Buzzards soared above the castle ruins (1 male and 2 females). Another Kingfisher was perched in an Alder tree on the Font below the bridge near the Plough.

Later I watched the Goosanders in Morpeth. The male was displaying to his 2 females but was very aggressive towards other ducks. He would push his chest into the water and splash water up in the air behind him with his feet. This may be common but I have not seen this behaviour before.

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