Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 20 March 2009

Same Shrike...different place

Poor shots of the Shrike...sorry

One of at least 40 toads on the track at Chartners

Bike and Bennyboy at Fallowlees...about 6 miles in and his tongue isn't
even hanging out!

Back to Harwood forest this morning but this time I took my bike and had a ride along the forest tracks. The weather was cool but gorgeous. I stopped near Redpath but couldn't see the shrike so I then rode over the fallowlees burn towards Tod knowe. This is probably the best viewpoint in the whole of the forest. I then stopped at Chartners; a good five miles into the forest to have something to eat. Moving along towards Fallowlees there was at least 40 Toads on the track. As I walked through them I noticed the shrike in flight in a clear felled area. It then began to feed and perch on the lower pines. Good views but still a couple of hundred yards away. It has chosen the quietest part of the forest; there wasn't a sound here except for the odd Buzzard cry and the occasional Meadow pipit song.

The pics above were the best I could get as I was magnifying the haze. Other birds in the forest today were Green woodpecker, 2 Stonechats, 1 female Goshawk and at least 6 Buzzards.

Bennyboy seemed quite happy to run along side me until the last couple of miles when I had to wait for him to catch up a few times.

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