Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 14 February 2010

East Chevington

A tranquil south pool viewed from the south end of the reserve.

A distant Short-eared behind the south pool.

In recent years this has become my favourite part of Druridge bay. Even on a busy Sunday afternoon you can still manage to get away from the worst of the crowds...just a few dog walkers this afternoon. No matter what the weather or the time of year there is always something to see at East Cevington. Today it was chiefly wildfowl particularly Goldeneye and Shoveler and over a thousand Pink footed Geese. The highlight were three Short eared Owls behind the south pool late afternoon. Its been a while since I have seen any shorties and they are a delight to watch. A bit too distant for the camera but I posted a distant shot anyway, also three Hares in the same field.


Kingsdowner said...

Distinct lack of short-ears down here this winter, after a good year last year.
Three's a bit greedy, don't you think?

foggy said...

yes its best to post any shot even if its not close as it makes the blog more interesting ,i post any old shot on my blog some are good and some are crap but who cares ?

abbey meadows said...

Three's quite good considering the freeze up. I suppose it is a bit greedy. There'll be plenty of crap shots to mull over Chris I don't take photography seriously.


Hello enjoyed your photos,havnt been up there for a while nice to see the old place..good luck..