Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

One for Stew

One of 5 fish washed up at Druridge

Bennyboy hoping to have a roll!

Rough seas in Druridge bay

Tons of this seaweed washed up

Strong Northerlies battering the dunes

Visit to Druridge today. Good variety of wildfowl on Druridge particularly Goldeneye but the distant view of Smew were worth the visit. Had a brief chat with Martin Kitching and Tom Cadwallender but a bleak walk along the beach took me away from the hides...even on a Tuesday it was busy! Not a lot of birds but a dead Turnstone emphasised how hard it is to survive in this cold environment. Another dead species was a kind of fish that I was unable to identify so I will put that out to Boulmer birder who knows a lot more about fish than I do. I saw 5 in total but the largest one was the one pictured above which is approximately 2 feet long. The pic with Bennyboy you will notice he is on a lead, that is so he doesn't roll in it! He has a thing about anything smelly. The Geese were a bit distant with 100's about 3 fields away at East Chevington but nowhere near any roads though the ones closer were all Pink feets.


alan tilmouth said...

More Ray's Bream I think Nigel, there have been loads of dead ones along a large stretch of NE coast this winter.

Dean said...

Nigel, it`s from looking at Stewart`s blog that i think your fish is a Ray`s Bream. But i`m sure he`ll correct me if i`m wrong.

Kingsdowner said...

Nice pun Nigel!
The fish doesn't look too appetising.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel
Looks like a Ray"s Bream-lots have been found washed up lately.

Northumbrian Birding said...

"One for Stew"
And how was the fish stew !!!
Hi Nigel was that you along the dunes ,just a jacket, no hat, no gloves, by your hard!!!

Stewart said...

Yep they're all right.... a bloke in Norfolk caught two on lugworms while fishing on consecuive mornings last month. No that is VERY rare indeed. I've never heard of them being caught by anglers before...

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comments and the ID. My son was disappointed that I didn't bring any back to eat! I'm not really hard Brian but I should have wrapped up warmer. Interesting point Stewart, I wonder if there were so many that some have been attracted to the lugworm.