Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 14 June 2010

Ghost in the garden

Ghost moth, Abbey Meadows

Silver ground carpet, Abbey mill

Cardinal beetle, Abbey mill

Another mystery caterpillar

Cocks foot grass, Widdrington tip

Just a few local shots over the last couple of days except for the caterpillar which was taken last week in Scotland. Nice to have a Ghost moth on the garden bench which stayed there all day. I can identify most caterpillars but some I just can't put names to. Cocks foot grass is probably the commonest and most familiar grasses in the UK but at this time of year I think they look nice.


Emma Anderson said...

Two beautiful moths.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Emma, they may be common but close up they are beautiful.

Wilma said...

That ghost moth is so wonderfully hairy and plush looking! All great photos in this post.