Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 21 June 2010

On the bike

Common Vetch

Ragged Robin

Goldfinch...Pegswood moor

Great Burnet

Sainfoin...Pegswood bypass

Caterpillars inside a protective siken nest

I think this is Grey Dagger

Two spot ladybird... a Northumbrian first for me

Nice weather this week so spent some time along the country lanes on the bike. Its amazing how much you drive past when you are heading for a certain place in the car but by cycling you can take in so much more at a leisurely pace. Along the Tranwell and Saltwick road there were Whitethroats and Yellowhammers almost every 200 hundred yards or so but no Quails calling this year. Yesterday I cycled to Widdrington via the cyclepath along the Pegswood bypass and on to Ulgham Grange. The wayside flora is at its best but Sainfoin and Ragged robin (hundreds of plants) have probably been introduced with seed when the bypass was landscaped. Great burnet may also have spread this way but it is at its Northern limit here. Also at Pegswood were family parties of Lesser and Common Whitethroat. At Ulgham Grange there was a family party of Willow Tits.
Butterflies included Common blue, Large skipper, Red admiral, several White species and Ringlet plus many Silver Y's. On my way back home near Linton almost half a mile of Hawthorn hedgerow was defoliated by thousands of caterpillars protected inside a mist of silken nests. I don't actually know what species they are but I'm sure someone will know. Back in the garden I saw my first Grey Dagger (I think) and my first two spot Ladybird in the county... I must look a bit harder.


Rob said...

Never heard of a 2-spot ladybird before - good find. It makes a (scary) face if you turn your photo 90 degrees clockwise!
Good idea to get out on the bike - must do likewise here before they mow all the verges.

Wilma said...

That shot of the gold finch looks like an Audubon painting! I have never seen Burnett before; the second photo is lovely with the soft colors and almost abstract nature. You must have really enjoyed your outing on the bike!


Stewart said...

Grey Dagger or Dark Dagger you need to check its knackers to be sure! I'd just stay with Grey... :)

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comments...Its great to get out on the bike...more to come I hope. Stew, I read about that but I don't really want to go there.