Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Making the most of the fall

I could have twitched some good county birds but I decided to see what was around locally. Yesterday I didn't have the car so I looked along the Wanney line next to the Common. There were dozens of Song Thrushes, Robins and a scattering of Redwings. 22 Brambling was a notable count. Today I was at Widdrington tip at dawn. It was lifting with birds but nothing unusual. I wasn't sure if the Redwings were coming in or just flying out of a roost but there were hundreds of them. Also 60+ Skylark and 70+ Meadow pipits all flying SW and a large unidentifiable flock of Geese. Also here were good numbers of Song Thrush and Blackbird as well as 35 Lesser Redpolls, 19 Snipe 37 Swallows and a handful of Brambling and Reed Buntings.
I then went through the dunes and the Northern edge of Druridge Bay Country Park. Lots of Chiffchaffs, Redwings, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes. Also around here were Tree Sparrow, 2 Fieldfare and Buzzard. 22 Little Grebes could be new in but the highlight was a fine Kingfisher in the NE corner of the lake. I finished off in the bushes North of Druridge following a quick chat with ipin. Lots of birds here as well but the best were 25 Grey Partridges, Redstart, Blackcap, Siskin and Stonechat.
No pics today as the birds were too quick. I have changed the header pic to highlight the plight of our Red Squirrels. Stewart (BB) has mentioned the spread of Greys in his local area. In just three years I have seen the demise of Reds in most of the areas I frequent. I thought that the Bolam and Wallington areas were the last stronghold in the Wansbeck valley but last week I found a roadkill Grey beside the Dyke Neuk pub.


Kingsdowner said...

Sounds like you're getting all the birds from Scandinavia flying in! We're getting a few dregs down here, but nothing like your numbers.

Bad news on the squirrels.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks K. The only trouble when the weather is good for birds work gets in the way! I think our Reds are doomed.

Stewart said...

Good news about that Grey!

Wilma said...

Our reds (there is a photo in my post from yesterday) must be somewhat different from yours because ours can live just fine alongside greys. They have very different personalities with the greys being braver, or at least more brazen, and the reds being more skittishand less likely to come to bird feeders. Are the greys carriers of a disease to which your reds have no resistance?

abbey meadows said...

They are indeed Wilma and that is why the Reds are dying out so fast.
Stew... I think one is just a drop in the ocean.