Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 21 January 2011

Wansbeck Otters

There have been a few sightings on the river between Morpeth and Mitford recently but not seen by me. The pictures above were taken by Keith Harbottle who photographed them from his garden last Saturday just upstream from the stepping stones. I will be walking more frequently by the river and hope to see them. Many thanks to Keith for letting me use his photos for this post.


Anonymous said...

Good look with your search of the Wansbeck otters. I saw a mother and pup on the Coquet in 2009 it only took me 35 year but well worth my wait I watched them in pouring rain for 1/2hr with the water levels close to bursting the banks.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks GM...still looking!

John Robertson said...

Saw a family this morning on the Wansbeck, mother, father and a young one down by the weir near Cambois. Stood and watched for 20 minutes, haven't seen a one all my life, then this morning a full family. They gave me a great insight into their life on the river, frolicking around, lot's of energy, feeding, diving and swimming around. No more than 20 feet from me. Made my day, week, year.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks John...good to see. I saw my first on the Wansbeck just last night in the town centre between Elliot and Oldgate bridges. No camera but I did a sketch and I'll stick on a new post shortly.