Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Confused Michaelmas Daisy, Stobswood

? Widdrington tip

Shaggy Parasol, Abbey Meadows, Morpeth

At the brickworks at Stobswood the other day and added Confused Michaelmas daisy to the local plant list. At the tip anyone with a more serious interest in dragonflies should drop in. I managed to identify five species including Black Darter as the recent rains have flooded the marshy area in the centre of the old tip. Photographed this tiny caterpillar on the base of a Hawkweed at the tip also.


Stewart said...

Hi Nigel, the cat is an early instar of Drinker moth. We usually see them when they are a few inches longer than that...

abbey meadows said...

Thanks...It was only a centimetre in length Stew so I wasn't sure what it was.