Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fungi and stuff

Blackening Waxcap

Drab Bonnet

Weeping Widow

Grey Coral


I haven't been far on my days off but the weather hasn't been good for looking for butterflies and plants. It has been good for fungi though with the above pics taken around the housing estate. On dry days the moth has spent the day on my kitchen window. This morning the Green Woodpecker was on the roadside at Westgate beside the High house woods.


Stewart said...

The moth looks like Agriphila straminella Nigel, a common grass moth, but it is a very unusual colour so I may stand to be corrected...

Tarset Shepherd said...

cracking photos Abbey, the fungi around here are also awesome and huge with it. Keep up the good work. Haven't seen a green woodpecker for years.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Stew...that'll do for me!
TS...thanks for the comment, I would imagine there would be a few Green Woodpeckers around your local area.

Stewart said...

Well I had Green Woodpecker from the garden a few times in 2010. One lingered about the village for a few weeks in March but there has been no sign this year...