Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Serra de Tramuntana


Holm Oak


Puig Major, the highest peak at over 4700 feet

Lluc monastery

A day in the mountains on a visit to North East Majorca. The above pics are a bit scenic shots of the area but the mountain range takes up a third of the whole of the island and for me a 'must see' area. Lluc monastery is an ideal base in the heart of the mountains with wonderful walks in all directions. Very rich in flora around here but many plants are photographed and stored for future identification but the birds around here were quality. My main aim was Black Vulture and above the monastery there were 7 Vultures soaring, 4 were Black, 2 Griffon and a lovely adult Egyptian which later left the group and headed South east. Around Lluc the terraced farmland held small flocks of Spotless Starling, Serin and Cirl Bunting. Firecrests were calling from the pines and Stonechats were very common. Further on at Cuber reservoir there were another two Black Vultures and two Booted Eagles in the air and at Soller another 2 Black Vultures and a single Booted Eagle. We stayed at Alcudia for the week and I will post some more stuff in a couple of days.


Alan J. said...

Nice reminder of a familiar place,wish i was there.Good to see the B.Vultures doing well.
Alan J

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Alan, the Egyptian was a surprise but they have bred on the island this year and an adult has been seen in a few places last week. In 2002 over a hundred Griffons descended on the island following a heavy thunderstorm and many have stayed. Blacks are doing well and this year the mountain range became a UNESCO world heritage site.

Anonymous said...

fantastic i have fond memories of staying at porta pollensa
i too managed to see the fantastic black vulture but not griffon or egyption the black vulture actually appears brown on close inspection
i will look back on my notes and i can share some memories with you
hope you are enjoying this beautiful place from brother chris

abbey meadows said...

Hi Chris
Sorry for the delay in replying but the computer packed in a few days ago and I've just got back on. lovely place, most of the Black's were brown as most were young birds but there were a few adults in the air. I'll post some more soon.