Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Short eared at the tip

Seed head of Zig Zag Clover

Musk Mallow brightening up a dull day

Seed of Black Medick

Poor shots of the Owl flying away from me

I was at work during the heatwave so today on my first day off it dawned to a warm, wet morning. The weather didn't improve as the day went on so I had a wander around the old tip at Widdrington. The plants are almost finishing flowering now and it was quiet generally until Bennyboy flushed a Short eared Owl off the ground. It flew to the North West part of the former tip and landed in the grass. It was raining and the pics are poor of the bird flying away (good enough excuse). There were three Kestrels hovering over the area so there must be good feeding here. There was also a flock of 16 Redpolls. Plenty of photo opportunities with berries and dozens of plants with interesting seed cases. Last night there were 5 Tawny Owls calling from different parts of the Abbey woods.

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