Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fresh Morpeth morning

Frozen River Wansbeck

Pity that fence post was in the way

That white rump stood out a long distance away

A fresh walk around Morpeth this morning turned out to be a bit of a mammal watch. Walking down towards the Abbey there was a Roe Deer in the field but it was too quick for the camera. The river was still frozen in parts this morning but milder weather is on the way but I was heading for Cottingwood common where I saw a Barn owl the other night. Thinking there might be a Short eared or something I thought it was worth a look. No Owls but 2 kestrels and lots of the usual woodland edge birds such as Bullfinch and Siskin. I saw no fewer than 6 Roe Deer here and a Fox carrying some small prey but all except the above were too fast to get a shot with the camera, even that one was a good couple of hundred yards away.

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