Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter Polypore

Sometimes you can look too hard for certain species. I found this Winter Polypore (Polyporus brunalis) growing on an old fallen mossy oak branch just a couple of hundred yards from my house, a species I have searched the local woodland for.

Above are Spindleshank and Velvet shank commonly found in deciduous woodland at this time of year. At the turn of the year some bird species are consistent as the Tawny Owls have gone quiet and Song Thrushes have been singing in the garden since the 4th. Yesterday a Great spotted Woodpecker was drumming in the Borough woods. Lots of birds in the Borough woods with large numbers of Great tits, among them 5 Nuthatches and 3 Treecreepers. The only Squirrel sighting has been of a Grey.


Anonymous said...

That Winter Poylpore is a smart fungi, Nigel.

abbey meadows said...

It is Dean and incredibly it is the first time I have seen it even though it is a common plant.