Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Walked along to Mitford this afternoon through the Borough woods. Plenty of Fungi in the woods and marsh plants around Mitford castle. Dippers on the river, a few Spotted flycatchers and a Roe deer along the riverbanks. There were up to a hundred Ringlet butterflies at the meadows. The pictures above are the remains of Mitford castle, marshland grasses, Shield dapperling, not edible mushrooms but these are in fact Yellow stainer; deadly poisonous, these younger specimens resemble Field mushrooms but grow in dense woodland shade, Bitter knight; sometimes known as Pie crust fungi, the tiny but elegant Garlic parachute, Ragged robin; this looked in focus after I took it but I like the way it has come out, Branched bur-reed and Meadow cranesbill.

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st said...

Must have, a wander around there one day. looks very interesting.