Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 16 February 2009

Catching up

A little bit of time on my hands this week (just a little) so time to try and catch up with a couple of ducks in (ish) the patch. Yesterday afternoon caught up with the Green winged Teal at Bothal and a few birders I haven't seen for a while. Chatted to Bob Biggs, Mike Hodgson and I think Blyth birder. The GWT was sleeping on the bank and when the birds were spooked it turned around into an unidentifiable position. The birds were spooked because there was a Peregrine in the air which flew over the pond just as Bob was driving off.

This morning I went to Bolam lake to see the Smew. A bit too far across for a decent photo then the rain started. I might pop back along tomorrow again. On the way home I stopped at Meldon for another rare sight; a stubble field! dozens of Starling, Wood pigeon, Redwings and Fieldfares as well as 400+ Chaffich and several Goldfinches and a Grey partridge feeding in just one corner that I could view.

This afternoon I was in Amble harbour but the only white winged gull was an adult Meditteranean gull on the little shore. Another party of 100+ fieldfares were at Ulgham on the way home. Not a good day for pics the GWT and the Smew were too far away so I've posted a cropped shot of Goldeneye on Bolam.

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Dean said...

Worth posting though, AM. That`s a species i`ve yet to catch on camera.