Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Winter aconite

Visited Boulmer birder's new cottage in Howick today. Work in progress but when finished a fine place to live in an enviable location. Excellent area not just for birds but one of the best coastal locations for flowers and other wildlife. We watched three Buzzards from the kitchen door and a singing Mistle thrush on the wing. I don't think either of us have heard a Mistler singing on the wing before. No doubt Stewart will come up with some good sightings and discoveries and rewrite some of the history books for that area.

On the way over I noticed Denwick churchyard awash with yellow and white of the Snowdrop and Winter aconite. Winter aconite is quite scarce south of the Coquet but a fine display at Denwick meant I had to stop for a few shots on the way back.


Northumbrian Birding said...

Has he defined his patch boundries yet, from what I can gather there are plenty flyovers to start with.
not seen much in the way of flowers yet, as you said plenty of Ransome coming through, I try and refresh my ID's as the seasons progress.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Brian. I think he is keeping the same title but it is a wonderful patch to have as you could keep it narrow around Howick and Cullernose or broaden it to Craster/ Dunstanburgh to the north and still have Boulmer to the south. On the plant front I have to keep refreshing myself every spring as it is amazing what you can forget.

foggy said...

Do you remember saying at bothal pond that you thought there would be more gulls around here the next day there was a big flock of mainly b h gulls birding is strange sometimes.
green winged teal still not showing
hopefully its third time lucky.