Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Borough woods

Wood stitchwort

Grey wagtail near Mitford

Red currant along the riverbank

Pendulous sedge

A walk through the Borough woods after work looking for plants. Lots of typical woodland plants in flower such as Ground ivy and Wood stitchwort and some just about to flower like Common twayblade and Cuckoo pint. At Highford a Common sandpiper was feeding at the edge of the rocks. In the air my first Swift of the year among 50+ house martins, smaller numbers of Sand martin and Swallow among the same flock feeding above the woodland clearing.


Stewart said...

I've got a garden full of Pendulous Sedge....

abbey meadows said...

I've got some in my garden too. They are native in some damp woods but most of them are naturalised. Elegant plant though.