Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Harthope Linn
Family pose briefly on the summit

Cotton grass among the heather and bilberry

On sunday (24th) climbed Cheviot from Langleeford, up Scald hill, Cheviot, Cairn hill and back by the Harthope burn back to Langleeford. A strenuous but enjoyable 9 miles. Plenty of wildlife but nothing unusual. Just past the summit it was so clear that you could see the Lammermuir hills in the north and Tynemouth to the south. Despite the lovely sunshine it was bitterly cold on the top. On the way back the damage caused by the September floods was evident with a huge landslide along the Harthope burn, most of the footpath has been washed away and huge boulders and tons of gravel have been deposited along the valley floor.


Mattzappa said...

I was up earlier this year and suddenly relised how unfit I was, beautiful all the same. Good pics, I'm a flood victim living in the toon with the return home to Middle Greens this weekend,I've missed the river walks. Have you seen any Kingfishers of late?

abbey meadows said...

I have only seen one near the bypass bridge along the Borough woods.